RamAir Releases New High-Output Ozone Generator

RamAir Releases New High-Output Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator OzoGen 10kV called most powerful generator in its class

October 22, 2015

 RamAir International, Inc. is unveiling the all-new OzoGen 10kV High Output Ozone Generator.

The company boasts this new machine generates more ozone than any other professional-grade ozone generator in its class, and does it six to 10 time faster than the competition.

Other product highlights:

– Size of a loaf of bread
– Weighs 10 pounds
– Maintenance free
– 16 grams/hour output


“OzoGen’s power-to-size is extraordinary, having a considerably higher output than any other generator we’ve ever used. Compact, incredibly powerful and aesthetically beautiful, the OzoGen 10kV ozone generator is a game-changer for the restoration industry,” says Melissa Atkinson, a project manager for ServiceMaster Restore franchise.


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