Cleanfax Article March 2014

Author: David Hart

Duct cleaning is a sector of the cleaning industry that has, in recent years, shown to be growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Industry experts agree that duct cleaning is a business that is expected to continue to explode far into the future.

While other cleaning industries are experiencing a downward shift in annual revenue, duct cleaning is growing at a fantastic rate. In fact, studies show that the duct cleaning industry is growing at a rate 16 times faster than carpet cleaning.

This is huge, especially considering that there is often only one duct cleaning company per literally hundreds of carpet cleaners in a given area. With the over-saturated carpet cleaning industry and the comparatively under-saturated duct cleaning industries both grossing relatively equal revenue, (around $4 billion annually), it’s easy to see how extremely profitable the duct cleaning industry is. In fact, duct cleaning is called by many industry experts: “The most profitable cleaning business to own.”

Now I’m not proposing everybody quit their carpet cleaning companies and start up a duct cleaning business- far from it! In fact, part of the beauty of duct cleaning is that it pairs so well with carpet cleaning. The two are like peas and carrots. One feeds the other. They can easily be performed separately or during the same appointment. Offering your customer a small discount for having both services performed at the same time is a very effective marketing strategy, and will usually double your job ticket.

A great way to solicit your duct cleaning services to a homeowner when you arrive to clean their carpets, is to carry a small media device (portable DVD player, iPad, laptop, etc.) and ask them to watch a short video featuring the duct cleaning service you provide, while you set up your carpet cleaning equipment. Most customers are happy to watch the video, and more often than not, they’re asking you for a quote before your wand hits the carpet. The carpet/duct cleaning package discount is often accepted without hesitation. In our carpet/duct cleaning business, this method has proven to be invaluable.

Another great marketing strategy which can set you apart from your competition is to offer free dryer duct cleaning with the cleaning of the heating/cooling ducts. Point out in your ad what your normal charge for dryer duct cleaning is (average is $90 – $120), and you now have a very valuable (yet quick and easy to perform) incentive for hiring you instead of your competitors.

In short, duct cleaning is a very open market which is very high in demand. By adding duct cleaning to your service menu, you can enjoy offering a service that’s easy to learn, fun to perform, and will almost inevitably increase your revenue substantially.

Have a great and profitable 2014!


David Hart is the founder and president of RamAir International, designers, manufacturers and distributors of the revolutionary RamAir Duct Cleaning System, and the founder and president of Guarantee Cleaning Services Inc., a service company that offers carpet and duct cleaning, as well as the only Oriental rug cleaning plant in the state, east of the Cascades, in Bend, OR.

Why Clean Your Dryer Ducts

December 2013

Saving energy and money: Blocked vents cause the dryer to work harder which costs more and shortens the life of the appliance. Saving more energy: Cleaning a blocked or restricted vent system will reduce drying time. Excessive lint creates a fire hazard. Lint-filled dryer ducts are responsible for over 15,000 house fires annually in the US.” Increase the efficiency and life of your dryer.


RamAir Dryer Duct Cleaning

The RamAir Duct Cleaning system is highly effective and extremely easy to use. There are just 5 simple steps to using the system and seeing the results. 


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