RamAir International was created with the goal of providing the easiest to use, most efficient, powerful, cost effective air duct cleaning equipment the industry had never seen.

We’ve spent years supplying both experienced HVAC System business owners and those just beginning to get into the HVAC industry with RamAir air duct cleaning equipment.  We can confidently say that RamAir offers the best solution to the challenges of this industry, with highly successful RamAir system users in every major city of the United States and 21 foreign countries.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits that RamAir air duct cleaning equipment bring to business owners in the HVAC industry.

Issues with the traditional method of cleaning ducts (negative air) include:

  • Expensive, awkward, heavy equipment
  • Transportation of the equipment
  • Time waste on equipment set-up and dismantling
  • Constant (time-consuming and expensive) equipment maintenance

    The RamAir system can easily be transported among residential jobs and requires little to no training prior to use.

  • Ineffective cleaning

Most business owners in the HVAC cleaning industry struggle with workload management because each job comes with a high rate of time waste. Cutting into (and subsequently repairing) the ducts, and equipment set-up and dismantling, can often take more time than the actual cleaning. Therefore, the number of daily air duct cleaning jobs is limited. The hourly revenue generated plummets.

RamAir Founder and CEO- David Hart, faced these issues himself during his decades of experience in the air duct cleaning industry. To make his business more efficient, he decided to design an innovative solution: RamAir Air Duct Cleaning Equipment. He created it with the simple goal of doing a better job in his own duct cleaning company, but it caught on, and quickly became a global sensation. RamAir is currently acclaimed by experts to be the most sensible, effective HVAC cleaning equipment in existence.

The Benefits of RamAir Air Duct Cleaning Equipment:

Portable and Lightweight air duct cleaning equipment

RamAir Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Platinum Package

Purchasing a RamAir system requires low capital costs and can generate high income due to its efficiency.

The RamAir system is lightweight, portable (and thus easy to transport), and simple for just one technician to handle and learn to use. In addition to residential homes, the RamAir System is perfect for large-scale, commercial duct cleaning jobs because it does not have to stay attached to the vehicle. Rather than use a “portable” machine or duct truck, the RamAir system leverages the existing air handler in the facility. Therefore, the bigger the building, the bigger the air handler, the more powerful the RamAir system. RamAir’s airflow generation is catered to be the exact CFM suitable for the building, ranging from several thousand CFM for residential, to >50,000 CFM for large commercial buildings.

Quick and efficient solution

With the traditional negative air method, an average residential home typically takes 4-6 hours. With RamAir equipment, you can reduce this time to half. HVAC cleaning companies using RamAir equipment spend an average of 2 hours on air duct cleaning for an average residential home. By using the existing air handler, technicians do not have to cut into, and subsequently repair, the air ducts. In addition to being a huge time and labor saving attribute, this is ideal for homes and facilities that might have older and more fragile ducts.

Low start-up cost, highly profitable business solution

RamAir offers highly profitable solutions to people who want to start an air duct cleaning business or to companies who want to expand their HVAC offerings and add air duct cleaning services. Purchasing a RamAir system requires low capital costs and can generate high income due to its efficiency. With low transportation costs and drastically reduced time for a single job, RamAir equipment ensures an extremely high return on investment.

RamAir VS traditional (archaic) air duct cleaning solutions

The benefits of the RamAir air duct cleaning system are very clear, but how do they stack up to  the traditional, negative air duct cleaning equipment on the market?

buy air duct cleaning system

RamAir Air Duct Cleaning equipment is perfect for commercial jobs.

Negative air duct cleaning equipment is very inflexible, in that it requires special transportation and needs plenty of set-up time. The equipment is more expensive to buy and maintain, and requires the ducts to be cut open and then repaired, which requires a certain license in most U.S. states.

Negative air duct cleaning equipment is unable to remove large debris from the ducts such as  some construction debris. Because of the direction from which negative air systems blow the air, larger debris (sheetrock, chunks of wood, dead rodents) often gets hung up on dampers, which not only prohibits them from being removed from the ducts, but creates a new problem-the duct system is left with the airflow impeded by these obstructions.

Why be negative when you can be positive! RamAir:

  • Removes dust, allergens, construction debris safely and efficiently.
  • Does not require ducts to be cut and subsequently repaired.
  • Has a low start-up, and virtually no maintenance cost.
  • Completes the job in 2 hours instead of 4-6 hours

Benefits of RamAir air duct cleaning equipment are undeniable, and it has the endorsement of thousands of air duct cleaning companies. Our product packages are created to simplify the business processes for new and existing businesses.

For more information about RamAir equipment, check out our video guides.

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