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Why choose RamAir International for Your Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

RamAir’s top-of-the-line commercial air duct cleaning equipment is the answer to landing highly profitable commercial jobs in the HVAC industry because it is efficient, powerful, affordable and profitable. RamAir’s easy-to-use products are highly recommended among air duct cleaning business owners across the board, especially those looking to expand into commercial.
Whether you are an established duct cleaning business looking for added ease and efficiency, branching out into commercial jobs or a new company looking for reliable equipment to boost your profits, RamAir is here for you.


Have no fear if you are new to the HVAC world or just starting with air duct cleaning, RamAir’s equipment is user-friendly and easy to use on the job. With RamAir’s Air Duct Cleaning Equipment, business owners are able to have all that they need to quickly understand how to use the product and ensure high caliber results for clients. Our top-rated equipment makes it a must-have for completing commercial jobs in a timely and top-notch manner that will open doors to continued jobs in the commercial world. Need duct cleaning photos, videos or marketing materials to launch your business? Just ask!


Most air duct cleaning companies use negative air duct cleaning equipment, which can produce up to 5,000 CFMs (cubic feet of air per minute) with a portable machine and up to 10,000 CFMs with a duct truck. This equipment is bulky, expensive, requires cutting a physical hole into the duct system and maxes out at 10,000 CFM. Which all works fine for residential air duct cleaning – but not commercial.

RamAir Duct Cleaning Equipment revolutionized the duct cleaning industry by resolving these issues and more – at a less expensive price. Similar to a standard negative air duct cleaning system, the RamAir system harnesses mass air movement in cooperation with a physical agitation whip. Rather than cutting into the HVAC system in order to hook up a separate air mover, RamAir uses the mass air moving machine that’s already been delivered to and hooked up to every HVAC system in the world: the air handler, or furnace fan.

Air handler fans generate thousands of CFM of air movement, which the RamAir system is able to harness – whether that is 2,500 CFM in the average home, 20,000 CFM in a standard medical clinic or 50,000 CFM in a casino. Harnessing the existing air handler, the RamAir System’s powerful hose is run through the ducts, quickly and effectively pulling up dust, debris, pollen and more. This process produces a much more effective and thorough cleaning in less time. And since it uses the existing air handler, there is no need to cut into and repair the ducts.


RamAir’s products are affordable and highly rated among users. Select RamAir equipment packages even offer monthly payment plans to cater to the individual needs of you and your company. Since the ongoing expenses for air duct cleaning businesses are fairly minimal, it’s important to invest in equipment and a company you can rely on and trust. Investing in your air duct cleaning business is investing in your success, and RamAir is ready to work with you to ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed.


RamAir’s equipment is easy to use, affordable, and can boost your company’s profits. Commercial air duct cleaning can be extremely profitable, yielding thousands of dollars in a single day.

For example, a typical residential air duct cleaning takes about three hours, so business owners can often complete two cleanings a day. At this rate, a fully booked business could bring in revenue between $3,000 and $5,000 each week. But once you have your RamAir equipment, you are on your way to working largescale, commercial jobs. Commercial jobs typically take longer than residential work, but they are significantly more profitable to you as the business owner.

Hear from fellow business owners who use RamAir air duct cleaning products to expand their businesses, grow their customers and generate more revenue.

“We have been using the RamAir system for years in our heating and cooling company, the system is amazing and it does what it says. It is easy to operate and maintain, the company is great to work with, and always willing to help with replacement parts. I highly recommend RamAir if you are a professional expanding into duct cleaning, or just starting your own business.”

Joel Burger – Logistics Manager, Pickerington Heating & Cooling, Pickerington, OH

“RamAir has been the greatest single investment we have ever made in business. It has more then doubled our revenue and opened up doors to more clients.  The equipment easily fits in our vans, it’s easy to learn how to use, and has dramatically changed our business. The Customer support has been outstanding and I strongly recommend spending a few minutes talking to them if you are considering air duct cleaning as part of your business.”

Dan Coffill, Owner – EP Health Logan, OH


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